Every tourist area is famous for its own specialty.


Dubai has its own; Desert safari Dubai. The best thing about desert safari is that it lets you enjoy the night sky as well and if luck is on your own side, you’ll be stunned by the magical sight of sun setting below the horizon.

The timings of the desert safari Dubai are different that vary according to the tour package you decide to opt for.


If you’re packing your bags for the red dune desert safari then you’re in for a treat as we bring you some amazing tips that will help you enjoy your tour to the fullest.

Tips for Red Dune Desert Safari.

Here are some tips that you should follow while going for red dune desert safari 


  • Keep extra cash or credit card with you. You’ll come across many shops that offer delicious snacks and refreshing drinks in desert


  • Drink less water. Too much intake of water can cause stomach issues while you’re going through the bumpy ride in the desert. You don’t need too many water bottles to keep yourself hydrated, a couple of juices and a 1.5 liter of water bottle will work just fine



  • Bring an extra jacket. It’s obvious that you won’t need warm clothes in the day time even if you’re going in winters but as soon as the sun sets, night rises and the temperature starts falling. To rest in the cold breeze, you’ll need a slightly warm blanket or jacket that you can wear


  • In the dessert you’ll find plenty of options to roam around during your tour. There are many small granules that will get stuck in your shoes if you don’t wear an open footwear. The best solution for this problem is to wear open shoes like sandals or flip flops. They will let you roam freely.



  • High-Quality Camera. If you happen to stay in the realms of desert in the night, you’ll find yourself trapped in the holiness of the desert’s night sky. The beautiful dark sky above your head adds a much-needed kick to the tour, which should be captured as you can see it and reminisce this breathtaking view.
  • Follow the safety steps. Always make sure that you are following all of the instructions given by the safari licensed drivers for your safety, although the 4X4 SUV is already equipped with all the safety features.


  • Keep yourself relaxed. The dune bashing sessions can be thrilling but for the first timers the idea of going on the high-speed roller coaster ride can be terrifying. Just relax and keep yourself calm. Don’t be afraid of the high dunes as the driver accompanying you on this journey are highly trained professionals and they are permitted by the government to drive on these sandy hills.



It is always better to be prepared before-hand if you don’t want to waste your time at the spot. So, make sure that you follow all these tips and make the most of your wonderful trip and book in advance the red dune desert safari 


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